update: we have some big news to share!

Q In is going through a transition!

When we started Q In we knew that the first thing we wanted to do was humanize the queer and trans experience. It took time to get through the weeds of self doubt and imposter syndrome, but we knew deep down that there was nothing more human than two best friends holding onto each other in a transphobic world, teaching other folks about embracing people of all genders.


We have actively touched on our humanity through this work. We have learned about ourselves not just on a personal level, but also socially and politically as we do our own unlearning around the construction of whiteness and identity. Over the past three years as business partners, whenever we met to do our own identity work or to develop a training or learning experience for someone else, we always made sure to put our friendship first. We learned a lot about the toxicity of ‘business as usual’, as well as the possibility of business as change-making.


Through this work, we did what humans do—we grew and we changed. Wes took the leap from his full time SLP job in order to say yes to more consulting opportunities. Finn became a dad. And, as natural as it was when we first started talking about going into business together, it was just as natural when we decided to stop being in business together. This fall we’ll be wrapping up our work together as Q In.

what does this mean for q inclusion?

As for the business, Wes will continue but under a new name. His rebranding process is underway! Be on the lookout for more on that soon. And don’t worry, during this transition all services are still available. The work here continues as it would, evolving towards liberation for all people. And who knows, Wes might even bring Finn on for select workshops down the road. And as for our friendship—we are and always will be besties. We know that our destinies are tied.


If you have followed along in our journey thus far, do us a favor? Have a toast to us right now for our new chapters. Wes owning his own business solo, and Finn getting clear on what work is mutually beneficial for his family and world.

We're excited and we

hope you are too.

Finn is excited to transition from teaching kindergarten to teaching an inclusive model Pre-K next year. Without Q In, he is taking the time to slow down, focus on inclusion & anti bias work in his close relationships, and research Masters in Marriage Family Therapy and Somatics programs. Stay in touch @finn.menzies


Wes is excited to dig deeper with y'all! He will forever center queer joy and gender liberation in his work, and is here to collaborate with you, your organization or brand on queer & trans inclusion and belonging. Reach out at wes@qinclusion.com or @wes_chernin

Yours truly,

Wes & Finn