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Each time we give a training we tell our listeners that being an active ally is not mastering a checklist of wokeness, it’s a commitment to a life of learning and unlearning. There is no endpoint to allyship. We honor this when we engage in our own identity work at Q In. We are committed to offering services that are founded on deep listening, a sense of humility as we continue to learn, and pointedly dismantling oppressive systems that keep us all from affirming each other’s humanity.

The thing about committing to be a lifelong learner, is that you can never call yourself an expert. We are not experts in inclusion and we will never claim to be. In fact, we are here to disrupt the very idea that knowledge is gained from top down. Instead, we are interested in sharing our story and listening to others’ stories through building relationships.

Part of our story is that we are white transmasculine people working as DEI consultants. Out in the world we are often perceived as white cisgender men, and as such, hold enormous amounts of privilege within the current fabric of our culture. We firmly believe in own-voice storytelling as a powerful tool for community building, and are proud to operate a trans owned company that teaches others how to affirm trans people and cherish trans lives. But, how do we dismantle white supremacist habits and beliefs as people who benefit from the construction of whiteness? And, how do we show up for our TGNC BIPOC* family, amplify their voices, and incorporate the story of racism in our work at Q In? (*TGNC BIPOC = Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) We are grateful and honored to be able to partner with our friend and consultant, Britt McClintock, on ways we can grow through these questions.

As we open the door for you to see our learning, we encourage you to learn with us.

LEARN WITH US: Here are some of the books, articles, podcasts, tv shows and movies we’ve been spending time with lately.




We want to be clear that the act of consuming information to learn + unlearn harmful beliefs, habits, and internalizations is only the first step towards collective liberation. We can’t stop here. When we commit to both learning and acting, we build a future that welcomes and takes care of us all.

Amplifying, listening to, and $upporting voices from communities and intersections that have historically been marginalized and minimized, including BIPOC voices, queer and trans voices, and disabled voices, can help redistribute wealth and power.

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